Check Out Our CMA Week Interviews & Drinking Game!

If you want to really amp up your CMA party, here’s a drinking game Whiskey Riff has released for you to play along with all your favorite country stars! 

Take a drink when…

Carrie has an outfit change.

Brad and Carrie do an awkward parody.

An artist thanks Jesus/God.

Anyone makes a reference to Harvey Weinstein/Kevin Spacey.

Anyone mentions a country music baby (a.k.a Willa Gray, Ada James, Jason Aldean’s baby).

Any political joke.

A performance was awesome.

Take 3 drinks when…

You feel someone got the wrong award.

A “non-country” artist presents an award.

Any 2017 iconic moment is brought up (ex: Eclipse, Fidget Spinners, Dancing Hotdog, ect.)

Nicole Kidman only claps with her palms and it’s super awkward.

 Chug when…

Eric Church wins “Entertainer of the Year” 

Eric Church loses “Entertainer of the Year”

Raise ’em up when…

Las Vegas/Texas is mentioned, raise your glass and take a moment of silence for the lives lost and those still recovering from this tragedy.

See the full list HERE


Also this CMA week:

Lee Brice & Kelsea Ballerini joined us to talk all about getting to see their friends at the CMAs!