These Stories Never Get Old!

I made promise to you this year that I was only going to tell you stories that made you smile and were positive, because there is so much negative online I wanted this little corner of the web to be a positive place where you can laugh and smile and maybe shed a happy tear, well get the tissue ready!

A 7-year-old girl who hadn’t seen her military dad for nearly a year is finally spending some much-needed time with him after a reunion she’ll never forget.

Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Paul Plamondon was deployed to Kuwait last February. His daughter Natalie has missed a lot of milestones with her dad.

She couldn’t believe her eyes when he surprised her at her elementary school morning program.

Her mom, Valarie, was the mystery reader at Natalie’s school Tuesday. Alongside her mom, Natalie read her favorite book, “Hero Dad.”

When they finished the story, well, just watch the video and try not to get “anything” in your eye!