What did the Baby Say??

Babies can’t talk, even if they seem to have a lot to say. But 3-month-old, Jenson might be a little ahead of the curve.

I might be hearing things, but I totally heard what the parents heard too. Of course, my son said “Rhubarb” at 4 months.

Tom Webster, 28, reacted with shock after his three-month-old son Jenson said hello to him, Jenson can be heard repeating the word ‘hello’ to his shocked father Tom in the video filmed by his mother Laura. Tom can be seen asking the giggling three-month-old to say ‘hello’ before Jenson repeats it back after a minute.

We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. ‘It was the first word we asked him to repeat it, he did!

Watch the video below and judge for yourself!