Special Needs Student NAILS this Shot!

Nebraska teen with Down Syndrome NAILED a backward half-court shot at halftime during a high school basketball game, and a video of the moment has gone viral and will absolutely make your day and possibly the whole weekend!

The video of James Meiergerd’s trick shot has also drawn attention from a skilled team that truly appreciates it: the Harlem Globetrotters.

The Globetrotters have invited James to be their special guest when they play in Omaha in April.

Matt Hinkel, a teacher at West Point-Beemer High School says “James is the greatest, he loved by teachers and students and when this moment happened for him the place just went electric”

This just goes to show, no one is different, given the same opportunities we can all succeed, nothing warms my heart more than to see the kids celebrating with him and letting him know that he is just like them and in many cases, he may be better.

Watch the video below for a nice warm feeling to carry into the weekend!