Doing This for Grandpa!

Fred Lamar was an awesome grandpa, according to his grandson Cam, Grandpa Fred was overcome with emotion when his grandson surprised him on his 81st birthday with a fully restored 1957 Chevy Bel Air. Cam Dedman spent a year and nearly $30,000 of his own money to restore his grandfather’s rusty old vehicle that had been sitting in his garage collecting dust for decades.

My grandpa is my best friend and truly deserves it. This was so hard to complete let alone do it without him knowing. I saved up for years to do this even sold my personal car to help fund parts for the car. It all is worth it though for my Grandpa! Since I’ve been a little kid I’ve always been really close with my grandpa, and he always had hoped to fix it up like he wanted, I told myself one day I would be the one to do it.

He built this car with ideas from Papa, he would mention his favorite color, wheels, and stuff he would want to do at car shows over the years and I took notes!

Dedman surprised his grandpa at his home in Louisville, Kentucky, just two days before Lamar’s birthday.

If we all loved someone this much in our lives the world would be a much better place to live. I think we can all take a lesson from this. We all don’t have to restore a car and spend 30,000 dollars, but we can take time to spend with our families and loved ones.

Stop for 2 minutes and put down your phones and get off social media and tell the ones who loved you first, you will always love them. Tomorrow is never promised, so let’s make the best of today!

Watch the video and see his grandpa’s reaction, totally worth every penny he spent!