Woman With Cancer Gets Wish to Come True…..

A 28-year-old woman battling brain cancer recently got to live out a major fantasy, one she didn’t dream she’d get to experience in real life. This has got to be what heaven is like….at least, it’s what I believe it should be!

Courtney Gessford’s good friend brought her to Sacramento’s public animal shelter where surrounded by friends and family, she was covered in every single puppy the shelter had. This video just shows the pure joy animals bring to humans that are facing tragedy and tough times.

She hopes that folks seeing her covered in puppies will be reminded that shelter pets are cute and appealing and also to feel hopeful for themselves. I know when I have a bad day I can go home and sit with my puppies and they will make any bad day better.

“We are all fighting different battles and if I can inspire people to keep pushing through their own personal challenges, I have succeeded, Life is hard, for all of us, in different ways at different times. We have to persevere. If Courtney can find joy in these simple things, can we all find joy in something?

The video of her is totally priceless and I would kill to trade places with her in the puppy chair!