Best Dog Story…..ALL WEEK!

Daredevil Steve-O has fallen head over heels and this time it wasn’t during one of his crazy stunts he is famous for.

While shooting his new YouTube series, “Ultimate Expedition,” the prankster encountered a street dog in Peru that ended up becoming his co-star and HUGE viral sensation!

Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Glover, introduced his new pal, Wendy, to his online fan base last Friday in a video which documented their story and has since gone viral. The video is an incredible story of how Steve wasn’t going to give up on this dog’s life and he made sacrifices to be with Wendy when others told him no. It’s not a secret if you know anything about Steve and his past, he’s had a battle with drugs and alcohol. Steve says his dogs keep him sober and aware. Wendy has a flight booked to LA and will live and travel with Steve from now on, but first, they will go on adventures traveling the world and shooting his YouTube series.

This is one of the most touching things to watch. What is so funny is my wife has to stop me everytime we pass a dog adoption or we would be farming about 15 dogs at our house. Dogs help us find a connection within ourselves, pets help us live and find the best in our hearts and we could all take a lesson from our pets. They are programmed to love us unconditionally, we should take that into the world and apply that to our daily lives.

Longer unedited video from Steve’s YouTube Channel, CLICK HERE

Watch the video and see this immediate connection Steve has with Wendy!