Dad Wears T-Shirt at Disney World to Find a Kidney!

Sometimes you reach out into thin air to locate a dream and this one was answered by a total stranger!

Robert Leibowitz who has been in need of a new kidney for three years after suffering from chronic kidney disease never imagined how magical his family’s vacation to the Magic Kingdom would be after securing a kidney from a total stranger, thanks to another stranger’s Facebook post about his handmade T-shirt.

Richie Sully, from Fort Wayne, Ind., saw Sandoval’s post and knew that he wanted to help Leibowitz. He reached out to Leibowitz and said “My name is Richie. I am O positive. I have an extra kidney and you are welcome to it.”

After a mountain of tests, and months filled with anxiety, Leibowitz found out the confirmation that Richie’s kidney was a match.

“I broke down and I screamed, but of course screaming in New York, everybody ignores you anyway, “Words cannot explain. This guy’s saving my life. He’s saving my life. He’s giving me more time with my kids.”

Sully and Leibowitz were reported “doing well” after the surgery this last Thursday at New York-Presbyterian Cornell Medical Center.

Leibowitz plans to take his Sully and Sandoval to Disney World to celebrate his fairy-tale ending. These are the types of things we can do for others. This is obviously is an extreme case of going above and beyond anyone’s expectations for help another human.

It’s not the gift, it is the sentiment, do unto others as they would do unto you. If this was your father or brother or mother and they needed a kidney, what would you do?