Football and the Power of Love!


Bus driver Gary Kelmer has spent the last 26 years making sure that not only do the kids in his community get to school safely, they also learn all the words to the fight song of his favorite team the Philadelphia Eagles. 🙂

Because of his dedication, the grateful people, teachers and former students that rode his bus of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, are sending the bus driver, known as “Mr. Gary,” to THE BIG GAME!

Mr. Gary fought back real tears when about 50 people surprised him at the last stop on his route with tickets for him and his wife to attend Sunday’s big game between HIS Eagles and THOSE Patriots. It is a true testament when you dedicate your life to helping others, people notice and they will want to see you be happy and fulfill a dream. This is definitely kickstarting the love, even though it’s to support the Philadelphia Eagles. (UGH)

The video tells the story of how much Mr. Gary means to the people and students…He has touched a lot of lives!