Meet Justin Beaver!

Justin Beaver is a very busy guy and a “dam” cute one, too.

JB, as he’s known, was orphaned last summer when he was about 8 weeks old. Now he lives with wildlife rehabilitator Brigette Brouillard in Washington state, I was thinking if she didn’t want him, he could come and live with me and my 2 dogs.

He is so cute, I can’t stand it!

This I didn’t know, beavers usually stay with their parents until they are 2 years old. In the first year, they are nurtured and taught life skills. In the second, they help raise their brothers or sisters.

JB was orphaned so young that he doesn’t really know how to be a beaver. So he can’t be released into the wild, hence, he should come and stay with me, I am not letting this go! 🙂

Now, he’s licensed by the federal government as an “educational animal.” That means he’ll stay permanently with Brouillard, and go with her to places like schools and libraries to help teach people about wildlife. (I tried)

She says he gets into everything and instinctively wants to build dams, he builds them out of trash, toys, basically, anything he can find. It is like raising a toddler. (LOL)

Listen to the noises this little guy makes, I would totally pick him up and carry him around my house!