Horse Cheers Up Owner, While She’s in the Hospital!


It’s no secret that animals are known to lift the spirits of patients. While some facilities will allow small animals a brief visit, one Florida hospital went above and beyond to make sure a woman got to see her beloved pet: HER HORSE!

Christine Carbonneau, 68, is a patient in a long-term acute care facility to recover from surgery after she suffered respiratory failure.

Just days before being rushed to the hospital, Christine became engaged to her longtime partner Gary Stevens. But since going to the hospital, Christine hadn’t seen her horse, Ireland in two months, and Stevens said his fiancée was feeling a bit down.

Gary suggested to the staff that Christine would benefit from a visit with her horse, so hospital staff worked to surprise their patient.

The hospital said they were able to get Christine off of her ventilator long enough to go outside for a brief reunion with her beloved horse. 🙁

The pictures are some the most beautiful images and that shows the power of animals in our lives.

“It was a touching moment and it is safe to say there was not a dry eye”