Cool Cake Mom!!!

Lara Mason may have a playful sense of style when it comes to baking. But when it came time to prepare for her twin daughters’ first birthday party, the mom and amateur baker was not kidding around for her latest masterpiece. (Seriously)

After more than 100 hours of prep time, Mason created two life-size replicas of her 1-year-old twin daughters, Lyla and Lily. The photo of the girls taking their first bite of themselves, went viral because it’s pretty tricky to decipher who is human and who is cake! Although if you look close enough you can tell.

I am thinking if you go to this much trouble on their 1st birthday, what are you going to bake on their 5th birthday?

I think you are asking for a world of disappointment for the kids later in life…

What do you mean my mom didn’t recreate the skyline of NYC to scale for my 10th birthday?

See where this is going…..