Why I’m Going To Wear A Fake Wedding Ring

I recently had an experience that made me re-think safety. I was at a show with some girlfriends and felt eyes on me. (Not in the good kind of way) I could feel something was off. There was a very large man staring in my direction for quite some time and it just made me feel very uncomfortable. Obviously, everything turned out to be okay. My friends walked me to my car just to make sure, but since then that unsettling feeling hasn’t left me. So I’ve taken safety into my own hands and have been researching lifehacks for anyone who might be out and about solo. Here’s a great article I found with tips HERE.

The tip I love the MOST is wearing a fake wedding ring when walking by yourself at night. IF someone were to see you as an easy target, a wedding ring could throw them off by making them think you’re heading home to someone!