Would You Do This For Your Dog? YES!!!!

If I had any talent what so ever in woodworking, which I don’t, I would have to pay someone to do this, but I totally would if it made my dog happier and healthier and I would get more time with them. This is such a wonderful story about love and dedication to man’s best friend.

Not long ago, Daisy the dog’s family worried she would never adjust to eating and drinking in the high chair she requires due to a health condition. Daisy is required to sit up while eating or drinking, so her dog dad started to thinking…

Daisy’s high chair is specially shaped for the dog and was built by her skilled human dad and brother, Doug and Brian Jones, It was “made with love,” says Daisy’s human mom, Grace Jones.

But the Joneses didn’t know if Daisy would take to her chair, no matter how lovingly crafted it was.

They’re no longer concerned.

The family worried at first that Daisy would have a difficult time adjusting. But before long Daisy was not only happily hopping into her chair all on her own, but also pulling down the tray where her food and drinks are served. It’s amazing how smart animals really are and how much they can adapt to things actually better than most humans.

The Joneses feel lucky to still have Daisy with them and like all pet parents would go to any lengths to make sure their best friend had everything she deserved and wanted.