Help Our Kicks 101.5 Fam Out!

A woman is driving around Atlanta looking for help for her husband. Hannah Cantrell is a mom going above and beyond to keep her family strong right now.

After a month of just not feeling well Hannah’s husband went to the hospital and found out, his kidneys were only functioning between 6 and 10 percent. They’ve been doing the best the can with this news, but after countless doctor visits, hospital admissions and dialysis sessions, Hannah’s husband is now on home dialysis. It’s imperative he finds a donor.

Hannah is now the sole supporter of her family, her husband and their two small children and she’s doing everything possible to find that match. Hannah made a decal with her phone number explaining they’re looking for a donor on the back of her car and drives all around Atlanta looking for help. She’s also shared her plea with Kicks 101.5, which is why I think it’s important we help too. If you want to be tested, please call Hannah at 770-371-8917.