How Can People Live With Themselves??

On Monday, Helena the dog’s former owner gave her up to the animal shelter at Fulton County Animal Services, the reason…Helena is just “too nice.”

“Yes, she really was returned for being too nice,” It was obvious the man was looking for a guard/protection dog. He also suggested she be adopted by a woman, because they are more into that “petting stuff.”

There’s zero evidence suggesting that men don’t like “that petting stuff” as much as women. But, the former owner is right about Helena being a complete and utter marshmallow, which by the way there is NOTHING wrong with! My babies are tiny marshmallows.

Helena is now known as the perfect little Velcro dog whose key aim in life is to be in close proximity to the ones she loves.

She wants to be the center of your world all the time, Ideally, we want her to go to a home where she can be smothered in love and where someone can be the soft side of her Velcro.

Someone needs to snatch up this beautiful baby and give her the home and the love she deserves!

If I had room little sweet baby, you could come and live with me…

Here is Helena’s adoption listing. LifeLine Animal Project is based in Atlanta, Georgia. (Fulton County)

Email for more information about Helena, or visit her at the shelter.