Help Olivia Raise Money For Her Bone Marrow Transplant

Olivia Stoy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and needs desperately to get a bone marrow transplant. Once you add everything up, the cost? About a million dollars. Olivia’s parents tried their best to negotiate with the hospital on cost and they struck a deal that if they could make the payment by July, their bills would only total $350,000. It’s still a daunting amount of cash but if Olivia doesn’t get this transplant, it’s very likely she will lose her battle with cancer.

So at 14, Olivia decided it’s her life, and she’s going to fight for it and Olivia is going to do everything she can to raise the money. Olivia partnered up with a designer to get a special bracelet put together and she’s selling them. All proceeds go to her bone marrow transplant. Plus, Olivia set up a GoFundMe as well.


Check out Olivia’s Lava Liv bracelets HERE

Check out Olivia’s GoFundMe page HERE